Discover Match

noun, /dəˈskəvər maCH/

A new rewards program that helps cardmembers lower debt. When you make a payment that’s on time and above your minimum due, Discover Card matches 7% of your minimum payment due in the form of a statement credit.

Discover Card

Design the “Match Tracker” interface

UX Designer

In addition to designing the landing page experience for Discover Card's new rewards program, we needed to design the “Match Tracker” interface, which was meant to help cardmembers keep track of their match progress, indicating the months that were a match and those that were not.

After surfing the web to generate ideas, I started exploring different concepts for the Match Tracker UI.


The concepts for the "Match Tracker" UI ranged from a bar graph to a doughnut chart to a punch card. The notion of a punch card resonated with us and the client. 

After several iterations, the client opted for a simpler punch card. I handed off final wires to the Visual Designer on the project.

Visual Design

Landing Page


Visual Design

Match Tracker