Movement One

noun,  /ˈmüv-mənt ˈwən/

A dance documentary produced by CLI Studios


Create a website to promote the release of Movement One

UX Strategist, UX Designer


Jon Arpino, founder of CLI Studios, emailed us his idea for the site.

So here's the concept for the website:

Landing Page
- A letter from me to the viewer. does this when they have new products, and I think it's really cool.  It's just a letter from the CEO to the customer about the new product or the site, etc. 
- Real simple landing page that tells people what the site is about, and then lets them click over to watch Movement One

"Watch" Page (using Vimeo to stream the doc)
- After the documentary finishes, some way of getting people to go to the "Share/Support" page... 

Share / Support Page
- Paypal Link for donations
- Amazon Link to our Amazon product page
- Facebook, Twitter

Contact Page
- Inviting people to email CLI with comments, questions, inquiries, opportunities, etc.  

My ideal timeline for the site would be to have it ready to go live on Tuesday, November 6/13.  Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again for all your hard work - much appreciated.  


There wasn’t much content and the goals for the site were straightforward, translating nicely into user-facing action words: watch, share, and support Movement One.

Watch. Share. Support.

To take advantage of this simplicity, I netted out with a single-page site where each of the goals is a separate, full-width section of the page, labeled accordingly. This architecture exposes key CTAs at all times and allows the content to flow sequentially: first watch the documentary, then share it, then support us.



The page layout that I netted out with worked well with the content's simplicity and the beautiful photography that was available to us. With an established layout, the Visual Designer was able to add aesthetics and hand off final PSDs to the developer.

Visual Design





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