Investing By Life Stage

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A journey through every stage of your investment life.

Create a new experience for that guides a user through the investment journey, from the time you just begin to save through your retirement years. 

UX Strategist, UX Designer


Life Stage Planning was to be a robust section of that guides a user through 4 stages of their investment life: Starting Out, Building Wealth, Nearing Retirement, and In Retirement. With the strategic approach previously defined and provided to us, we were able to start on the content.

We were given access to Merrill Edge's content library spreadsheet, which we used as a starting point for gathering content (i.e. articles, videos, calculators) that was relevant to Life Stage Planning. This content was then marked within our content matrix spreadsheet, which we created as a way to outline the content for the new section and highlight content gaps. 

Content Matrix

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.12.46 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.12.46 PM

A sitemap was developed in parallel to the development of the content. We went through several iterations before the architecture was finalized.


Merrill Edge Site Map Client FullMerrill Edge Site Map Client Full

The notion of time resonated with us as an important aspect of the retirement journey, both in terms of how the life stages are organized and what we should be doing at certain points in our life. I wanted to apply this insight to the UI of the page. I netted out with a design that resembled a vertical timeline. Along the timeline were the 4 stages and their corresponding life events.

I developed the wireframes and the Visual Designer completed the final PSDs, applying Merrill Edge's style guide.

"Life Stage Planning"

"Starting Out"

"Take Charge of Your Finances"

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