Credit Card Activity

noun,  /akˈtivədē/

A page that shows credit card activity, transactions, statements, etc.

Enhance the "Activity" page with spending insights and a more intuitive timeframe control 

UX Designer, UI Designer

Current "Activity" Page

In addition to redesigning the "Activity" page, we were tasked with making some UX enhancements. The first enhancement was the addition of user data, specifically spending habits across categories (i.e. Restaurants, Travel, Shopping, etc.).

UI Exploration: Spending Insights




The next UX enhancement was a more intuitive timeframe control UI. By default, the "Activity" page shows recent activity. But, if a Cardmember wanted to view their card activity for a specific timeframe (i.e. year-to-date or the month of December) we wanted an easy way for them to do that.

UI Exploration: Timeframe Control

We went through several iterations and explored several concepts of the enhanced "Activity" page. Below is a key screen from each of these concepts.

...more on this project coming soon!