Discover Card Balance Transfer

noun,  /ˈbaləns transˈfər/

Pay off high-interest balances by transferring them to Discover

Responsive Showcase Mockup BTResponsive Showcase Mockup BT

Redesign the Balance Transfer section of Discover Card's private site

UX Designer, Visual Designer

Style Guide

This is the current "Available Offers" page. Cardmembers go here to select a balance transfer offer and start the application process. The redesign of this page is a big improvement considering the limitations of Discover Card's style guide and the challenges we faced with client and legal requirements (i.e. offer details needing to be one font size).


This is the current "About Balance Transfers" page. It's not easy to scan, and it's not clear what the different content groupings are about (what am I reading?). The redesign breaks the page into "How It Works", "Benefits", and FAQs. A show/hide interaction model is used for FAQs to save real estate and present additional information in layers.



This is the current "Your Transfers" page. For this page, the client's ask was to keep the redesign as close to BAU (business as usual) as possible for timing purposes. So, we made some UX enhancements in light of the redesign being responsive (i.e. simplifying data), but the overall UI is pretty close to what's current.